Sl. No. Message Action
1 Invest only in fundamentally strong companies
2 Read carefully
3 Follow life-cycle investing
4 Invest in IPOs
5 Surely invest in every PSU IPO
6 Invest in mutual funds, but select the right fund and scheme
7 Learn to sell
8 Deal only with registered intermediaries
9 Let not greed make you an easy prey!
10 Beware of the media, especially the stock-specific advice on electronic media
11 Don’t get taken in by advertisements
12 Beware of fixed/guaranteed returns schemes
13 Beware of the grey market premia
14 Don’t get overwhelmed by sectoral frenzies
15 Don’t over-depend upon ‘comfort’ factors like
16 Don’t blindly take decisions based on accounts just because these are audited
17 Cheap shares are not necessarily worth buying
18 Be wary of companies where promoters issue shares/warrants to themselves
19 Don’t be fooled by Corporate Governance Awards/CSR
20 Be honest